Core Grading Seminars

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Core Grading Seminar 1

Practical Grading Actions to Decrease Failure, Ensure Effective Credit Recovery, & Increasing Standards Referenced Grading:

This 1-2 Day seminar guides participants through six distinct modules that help districts, schools, PLCs / collaborative teams, & individual teachers develop solid actions to increase the effectiveness & impact of grading actions on student learning. (Each module can be adapted to allow participants to go deeper with the topics & activities. This will allow for more of an opportunity to develop product(s) / plans for implementation in their school or classroom).

  1. Practice Trumps Policy—Establishing grading parameters to increase buy-in, allow for adaptation of strategies, and still ensure practices align with evidence for increasing student learning. Also, helping schools determine their grading givens: The areas that are possible considerations for change in policy & practices school or district-wide.
  2. Core Grading Actions—Effective Collaboration, Collaborative scoring & analysis of tasks and student work, & multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency through stipulated 2nd
  3. Practices Leading to Decreased Student Failures—Utilizing the SI2TE Model Framework to determine grading & feedback actions that can significantly reduce student failure while increasing resilience
  4. Ensuring Effective Credit (Learning) Recovery**–Guiding actions that lead to drive impact and efficiency into credit / learning recovery systems in schools; independent of mode (on-line, traditional, or blended approach).
  5. Strategies Promoting Standards Referenced Grading—(With or without abandoning letter grades). Determining specific practices that enhance standard based grades to drive more accuracy and truthfulness when reporting student progress. (Also, establishing which particular actions must be eliminated).
  6. Implementing Action Research to Monitor Impact of Grading Actions—Setting up a specific plan to monitor & determine the impact of grading changes (or existing practices) on student learning as well as desired behaviors.

Core Grading Seminar 2

Meaningful Grading For Impact™: School and Classroom Actions That Promote Student Learning Through Effective Feedback:

This 1-2 day seminar focuses on embedding eight critical elements into school, team, & classroom culture related to grading and feedback for students. Each of these foundational pieces is rooted in evidence and promote student learning to the highest levels. Combined, they help schools create systemic practices to ensure Meaningful Grading For Impact™:

  • Creating a culture to promote valuing error as a path to learning
  • Avoiding product level praise
  • Developing clear & understood success criteria for students
  • Helping students set challenging goals
  • Embedding mastery grading practices
  • Avoiding grading early during learning process—Still ensuring quality and reliable inferences from classroom tasks & assessments
  • Promoting deliberate practice
  • Ensuring learning remains constant & time as the variable

This seminar would be focused on actions and strategies for teachers and schools that are more advanced / proficient in their culture for adjusting grading and feedback actions. (Would recommend for schools that have either been through seminar 1 with successful implementation of specific practices / actions, or have been adjusting and working with changes in grading actions for 1 year or more).