Customization Commitment for Any Professional Development Support Provided by Dave Nagel / NZJ Learning

NZJ Learning (LLC) was founded on the principle of meeting student needs through ensuring the best learning opportunities for the teachers and leaders we serve. The services described on this website contain summaries and overviews of the services and support we provide. All seminars, workshops, & professional coaching support include research and evidence based ideas, concepts to best support K-12 educators to best improve both student achievement and adult learning. It should not be viewed as inclusive. Any and all objectives and outcomes as well as the structure for any professional development support will be a collaborative effort between NZJ Learning (Dave Nagel) and the teachers and building / district level leaders in any school or district we serve.

Research Support for the Importance of Deep Implementation

The evidence is clear that when schools and districts focus their attention on a few priorities and ensure there is deep learning taking place with the adults of effective practices, achievement gains are much more prevalent and consistent over time. More than six priorities have been associated with a negative impact on student learning and achievement. Furthermore, providing time for practice, processing, reflection, and feedback is essential for any and all learning to take place—which means focusing on adult learning in a focused manner is paramount.

Any initial support for learning, growth and implementation of the concepts and practices at the school, PLC, or classroom teacher level will only support the learning to continue to impact teacher and leader practice and this drive student learning. NZJ Learning (Dave Nagel) is committed to ensure that planning for implementation of practices and concepts is included in the pre, during, and post professional development process. This will allow for the concepts and practices to be implemented immediately as well as provide a specific plan for long-term support for deep learning and transfer of the concepts to be adapted and implemented in a manner than best impacts positive student outcomes. At the same time, the deeper the level of implementation, follow up, and coaching, the more likely practices will become embedded and success will have a better chance to take place. NZJ Learning (LLC) is deeply committed to supporting schools in extending their resources to best ensure deep implementation of actions and efforts for both short and long term success.